Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Better blogging

been handling sooo much this last year with the set up of WHAT models that I have let the blog . Now working finally on the website with my designers to create something which will respresent the feel and direction of the agency.

For the most part I have been spending most of my time discovering and developing new models, whilst managing the strong ones I had been currently managing globally.

New realationships with Agency's around the world and new markets discovered

I am excited to say that the Gold Coast is home and now.... The fashion world is coming here for WHAT models....

Agencies from MILAN , NEW YORK , LA, KOREA, TOKYO,PARIS, DENMARK are now all coming to me after they have they have seen what sort of calibre of models are found here on the GOLD COAST by WHAT models.

Now that the agency is up and running .... I hope you will enjoy the blogs and see the progress of the agency and WHAT models are doing around the world

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